Branding for Shoppable TV Shows

Art Director, Designer

creative brief

Hy-Vee launched HSTV to create a collection of fun, food-related content that allows the viewers to shop products while they are watching. I collaborated with the in-house team at Hy-Vee to create branding and advertisements for new TV shows. It was important to consider how the logo could be animated as well as how the video editors could utilize the graphics throughout their process. Not only should the visual style work well digitally, but it also needed to come to life through in-store branding including print ads and store signage to drive traffic to the website.


Decadent Dishes on a Dime

Decadent Dishes on a Dime, with Tamara Day, was a new show launched in Spring 2022. While creating the brand identity, I developed a look that was complimentary to Tamara Day's existing brand. She's a well known DIY house flipper and designer with a cottage-farm style. Keeping this mind, I created a logo with some slight texture, and used colors that complimented her style and house, where the show takes place. After creating the logo/look and feel, I worked with a motion artist to animate the logo. I created the storyboard and graphics, while the animator did an amazing job bringing it life!

Love at First Bite

Love at First Bite: It's like the Bachelor meets Guy's Grocery Games. I was really excited to develop the brand for this new TV show that was equal parts fun, goofy, and loveable. While creating this brand, I knew it needed to be a little cheeky, fun, bold and bright to compliment this type of reality show. Using bright bold colors and a neon effect, the brand brings a fun vibe all throughout. After creating the logo, I worked with a motion artist to create the logo animation.

Celebrity Beard Behind the Bar

This show was a spin-off of an existing show HSTV had already been producing called Beard Behind the Bar. So while creating this logo, I needed to figure out a way to incorporate the old logo, while still creating a unique identity for this new show. I wanted to create the idea of a glass stain when you pick up your drink from the bar, so I added a subtle textured ring around the logo. I worked with a motion graphic artist and provided the storyboards to bring it to life.

In-Store and Online Marketing

To promote the shows, we created various signage that would be displayed in each store. Along with the in-store signage, monthly advertisements in Hy-Vee's Seasons magazine would show off the new shows, and market

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