Illustration Lookbook

Various Companies

creative brief

This is a collection of personal and paid illustrations I've made over the last few years. I create illustrations in Adobe Illustrator with a drawing tablet and love incorporating illustrations into designs when I can. I've been developing my personal style and enjoy utilizing bright, bold colors with intricate line work.


Illustrating cats & dogs for a coloring book

In 2016 I was approached by Better Homes and Gardens to create 24 cat and dog illustrations that would be used for adult coloring printables.  I was very excited about this project!

BHG gave me specific dog and cat breeds they wanted, however no other details. I ended up illustrating 16 dogs and 8 cats.  It was fun to play around with different accessories to add to the animals, it added more personality to the drawings.

Tiny Hat Animals

This was a personal project I created for an art show in Las Vegas. I was interested in creating intricate detailed illustrations of animals with each one dawning a funky tiny hat. It was a goofy project and I love how these animals came together.

36 Days of Type

On Instagram each year, the account @36DaysOfType hosts a fun artist challenge to create a letter once a day, in whatever style you choose. I wanted to learn how to draw hands better, and decided I could illustrate all of the letters with some intricate line work to create each letter. It was a fun, challenging project and I'm happy with the outcome!

Various Illustrations

A few of my favorite illustrations I've created for various companies to sell merchandise.

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