Connecting Companies Through an Engaging Book

Designer, Production Management

creative brief

Georgian is a financial technology investment firm with a portfolio of over 50 companies spread across Canada and the U.S. During the middle of 2020 they came to me for help designing a book that would compile around 25 interviews from the CEOs of their companies to document their experiences during this unique time in history. I had been working with Georgian for the past few years and they had just gone through a rebrand, so I used their new branding as a guideline for the look and feel of the book.


Utilizing Their New Brand for Their First-Ever Print Piece

When I was approached to design this book, Georgian had recently debuted their new logo and branding, which came with an in-depth branding guide. This was going to be their very first print piece utilizing their new brand, so it was important to follow the guide and work with a print shop to make sure the colors printed correctly. After designing the 40 page book, I worked with a local print shop to produce the book and coordinated mailing out over 120 books. I packaged them in a box and designed labels with each recipient's name so they would stand out from their regular mail. The result of this book is an interesting snapshot of one of the most economically-devastating times in our history.

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