Des Moines, Iowa, USA, Earth

You can reach me at cbarnes.design@gmail.com
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I've been designing for more than 10 years in a variety of industries, and each time I take on a new project it reminds me of how grateful I am to have a job that I genuinely love. I have a strong desire to learn new things, and being a designer allows me to collaborate with people from all around the world, learn about companies, entrepreneurs, and organizations along the way.

Throughout the last 10 years I've worked on various projects including brand identity, event design, experiential marketing, website design, ecommerce, packaging design, social and video. The experiences I've had with these projects put me in a unique position to understand campaigns holistically.

I'm always open to hearing about a new project and learning if I'd be a good fit for your team. I partner with agencies, in-house teams, small businesses, and non-profits. Please email me if you'd like to set up a chat!

Designer by day.
Hot sauce boss by night.

What exactly is an Art Director? A Hot Sauce Boss?? All your burning questions answered here.
Art Director
I create the overall aesthetic and visual style, whether from scratch or from your existing brand guidelines.
I bring the designs to life, virtually or IRL. I'm an expert in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.
I create digital illustrations with my own unique style and enjoy adding a humanistic touch to my designs.
Hot Sauce Boss
I co-own Iowa Pepper Company. We grow peppers and make small-batch hot sauce.


Freelance Caitlin Barnes Design
Co-Owner Iowa Pepper Company
Art Director Hy-Vee
Art Director ITA Group
ESL Teacher EJ English
Senior Graphic Designer Ecommerce Innovations

Folks I've collabed with: