Creating an Immersive Experience for TikTok World 2022

Art Director, Designer
Civic Entertainment Group

creative brief

TikTok's audience has grown tenfold within the last few years, and during this growth they've been creating new products for companies to enhance collaboration with content creators. In late 2022, TikTok wanted to host their second annual (first in-person!) business event to unveil three new advertising products. The catch though? This couldn't be your average keynote presentation merely explaining the new products. TikTok envisioned an immersive experience for the attendees to fully understand the products and to leave the event knowing how their company could start leveraging these tools to drive business.


Into the TikTok Rabbit Hole

If you've spent more than 5 minutes on TikTok, you would know the platform is genuine, inclusive and fun. You might start out in the #booktok community and then end up in #cottagegore and wonder how you got down that rabbit hole. To highlight the various communities, we brought the platform to life through a grand entry moment to transport attendees from the 'real world' into 'TikTok World' through a funhouse themed portal.

Inside TikTok World, attendees could interact with claw machines where they learned about the newly released Creator Marketplace. At another station they could take a fun photo in the 'Action Reaction' photobooths where you watch a TikTok video and your reaction would be caught within 6 seconds to demonstrate how quickly TikToks can create an emotional reaction. I worked with a team at Civic Entertainment Group to develop the strategy and art direction of the event, which included branding, environmentals, digital design and storyboarding for the keynote presentation.

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